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Empowering America: Energizing Tomorrow Here Today

QPO Energy LLC, founded in 2020 in Tualatin, Oregon, by Joseph Lu, builds upon his extensive experience as the founder of Powin Energy (established in 1989). Joseph Lu, our esteemed CEO, is a visionary leader who spearheaded Powin Energy's success as a global leader in cost-effective, safe, and scalable battery energy storage solutions. With an impressive track record of delivering over 2,500 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy storage across 12 states and eight countries, Powin Energy has secured contracts to increase this capacity to 10,000 MWh by 2023. As one of the top 3-ranked battery energy storage system companies worldwide, Powin Energy has truly revolutionized the renewable energy industry.

At QPO Energy, we carry forward the legacy of success established by Powin Energy. Additionally, we proudly collaborate with our esteemed partner, Yulon Motors, who brings an additional 3 years of battery manufacturing expertise. From 2020 to 2023, Yulon Motors contributed to Powin Energy by manufacturing an impressive energy capacity of 423 MWh. Yulon Motors is renowned for its leadership in ISO, TUV, ERP, and QC standards, setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry. Together, with a combined experience of 15 years, we have overcome numerous challenges and pioneered innovative solutions in the energy storage sector.

Why USA?

Manufacturing batteries within the USA offers a valuable solution to decrease dependence on foreign sources for critical battery components. Currently, the supply chain for battery cells heavily relies on countries like China, which poses challenges in producing our modules and packs. However, we have set a target to procure USA battery cells by June 2024, leveraging the presence of approximately 100 potential USA factory cell manufacturers. This shift not only minimizes potential disruptions and geopolitical uncertainties but also fosters domestic production capabilities.

By producing goods and materials domestically, our company can implement more stringent energy efficiency standards and practices. Reduced energy consumption throughout the supply chain can help lower greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to achieving net-zero goals.

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